Paternity Attorney Phoenix, Bruce Blumberg A paternity dispute may arise when a mother wants to establish the paternity of her child to collect child support or make a legal determination of parentage. A father may bring a paternity dispute if he wants rights to parenting time or child custody. Whether you want to establish paternity or challenge the allegation of paternity, it is important to work with an experienced attorney you can trust. At Blumberg & Associates, we provide our clients with strategic advocacy and counsel in paternity cases and paternity disputes.

The outcome of a paternity action can have a significant impact on your child or your rights. It is important to take legal action as soon as possible. Contact us for a consultation with an experienced family law lawyer for your paternity action.

Protecting your rights and the best interests of your child

Our attorneys know that any family legal dispute can be emotionally overwhelming and that the results can have a significant impact on your life. The court will seek to bring parties together for the best interests of the child. We will help you explore all your options and alternatives, and actively pursue your case to return optimal results for you and your family.

Our firm is experienced in paternity actions, involving:

Parental rights and parenting time - We represent clients seeking to establish or disestablish paternity in a case related to child custody, parental rights and parenting time.

Advocacy for unmarried mothers - Our attorneys advise and represent mothers seeking to establish paternity for purposes of child support. We will help you protect your rights involving responsibility of the father to take an active role in the life and support of your child.

Advocacy for fathers and alleged fathers - We also represent fathers and alleged fathers who want to assert or challenge their paternity. Our attorneys will help you challenge or defend against paternity or establish paternity for purposes of visitation rights and parenting time.

Contact Blumberg & Associates, for a consultation with an experienced Phoenix, Arizona, family law and parenting time lawyer - evening and weekend hours by appointment.

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