Bruce Blumberg Named to 2018 Southwest Super Lawyers List

Posted on Apr 24, 2018 in blog

The 2018 Southwest Super Lawyerslist was released today and for the fifth time, Bruce Blumberg was recognized. Blumberg was listed for his work as a criminal defense attorney in Arizona. Only 5 percent attorneys are selected to Super Lawyers.  Blumberg is certified as a specialist in criminal law by the State Bar of Arizona. Of the 18,000 licensed attorneys in Arizona, about 750 of them have received specialist certification, and only a handful of those are certified in the area of criminal law. Super Lawyers is a rating service based on peer nominations that are supported by interviews, independent research, data verification and good-standing review. Only 5 percent of...

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Preparing for Your Child Custody Case

Posted on Dec 5, 2017 in blog, Child Custody

Be Prepared Being prepared for trial is critical to finding success in your child custody case. Preparation includes gathering documents of past involvement in your child’s life, having a parenting plan going forward and making arrangements to seamlessly transition your parenting style to accommodate the new arrangements. Stay Courteous It will bode well for you long-term to “play nicely” with your ex-spouse throughout the child custody proceedings. Avoid all temptations to argue and fight during this extremely emotional time, and instead, strive to work on behalf of your children’s future. Arguing and fighting between parents is harder on you, your kids, and your...

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Gray Divorces and Four Things to Consider

Posted on Nov 30, 2017 in blog, Divorce, Family Law

Despite the fact that divorce is becoming less popular nationwide, there is one type of divorce that is on the rise: the so-called “gray divorce.” This term, dedicated to couples over the age of 50 who choose to divorce, is en-vogue amongst baby boomers, as divorces for couples in this demographic are up more than 100 percent since the 1990s. That’s a startling increase for an age group that is traditionally thought to have cleared many of the hurdles that lead to divorce. There are specific considerations that must be addressed for these gray divorcees. If you find yourself in this increasing group, keep the following in mind, and speak with an attorney who can help...

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Five Signs a Divorce Might Be Imminent

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 in blog, Divorce, Family Law

Sometimes the best way to deal with divorce is to spot the warning signs before you’re faced with a decision to end your marriage. Below we’ll review five of the top trends or traits that are frequently found in divorcing couples. If you fit these categories is doesn’t mean your relationship is destined to fail, but you should be aware of the trends. Cash Counts. According to a study posted by the American Sociological Review, the primary factor leading to divorce is the husband’s job status. When compared to men who have steady, gainful employment, men who do not have a job have a markedly higher risk of becoming divorced in any given year. Couples who fight about...

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High-Net Worth Divorce Mistakes

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 in blog, Divorce

Divorces are often painful for anybody and can be one of life’s most challenging chapters. If you’re going through a divorce here are seven mistakes divorcing couples often make when the financial and emotional stakes are highest. Hiding Your Assets Hiding one’s assets is a bad idea generally, and particularly so in a divorce proceeding. It can be tempting to think you’re clever enough to get away with it, but you won’t, and when it’s uncovered that you’re acting in a deceptive manner, you will have lost credibility in the courtroom. Be transparent with your assets. Don’t become a DIY tax lawyer and attempt to shift assets to a third-party or business or family member...

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