Filing for divorce in Arizona can seriously impact your life. Your financial security, children, and stability are at stake. Beyond the legal consequences, you may face emotional fallout that can last long after a divorce is finalized. It is believed by many experts that spouses who are involved in a divorce go through the same five stages of grief as someone who has had a death in the family.

The five stages of grief are:

First Stage:
Denial and Isolation;
Second Stage:
Third Stage:
Fourth Stage:
Depression; and
Fifth Stage:

Phoenix Divorce Attorney, Bruce BlumbergIf true, this process would have a direct effect on the ability of the spouses to communicate with each other. At Blumberg & Associates, we work to give you the advocacy and support you need to provide solutions into the future.

Contact us for a consultation with an experienced family lawyer. Whether you are considering a divorce, annulment, legal separation or have recently been served dissolution papers, it is always important to understand your rights and obligations through the process. Our attorneys will explain all your options and alternatives, and help you protect your rights and interests during the marriage dissolution proceedings.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in all of the following:

Property Division
Child Custody
Child Support
Spousal Maintenance
Temporary Orders
Modification and Enforcement
Termination of Parental Rights
Orders of Protection

This is your case. We focus on what matters to you.

Our attorneys know that the challenging decisions you are making will have a deep impact on your life. We will take a proactive approach to restore the security in your life and protect your rights into the future. At your initial consultation, we will take the time to understand your objectives and needs. We will explain the procedural steps of a divorce and we will then take action to ensure that your rights are protected through either negotiation and settlement, or litigation, if necessary. This is your case, and we will focus on what matters to you most.

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